Do Animals have morals? interesting debate

I have a dog and lord knows it sure feels like she is loyal and loving but do animals have a moral structure? What is the sentience of animals and is it similar to how human’s minds work? The bioethisist Peter singer has written and talked a great deal about the topic. I see that the BBC now has a piece on the topic


My goodness it is impossible to try to keep up with the news reports on healthcare these days. Enter Health Care reform into any search engine and you will easily be overwhelmed.

knitting socks

There are lots of knitting socks videos and how-to’s on the internet, but I am still too scared to try again.  My first attempt was to politely put it a miserable failure.  Ever since then I have now tried it again.  I have some sock yarn secretly stashed in the back and even a set of DPNs but I have not tried it.  I admit  I have drastically limited the amount of time I spend knitting for various reasons but the fact is I am still kniotting so why not socks?  Shouldn’t I be line the masses and have 15 projects running at the same time?  Sigh.  maybe this public discosure will embarass myself enough to try again.  Or not.

Just because your country supports human rights . . .

Just because your country supports the human rights iniatives dos not mean that you will be healthier.  Take a look at this blog about it and the link to the lancet article.

WordPress software updated

I have updated the wordpress software for this site.

Bioethics at the Movies

Bioethics at the Movies

Bioethics at the Movies

Here is an interesting twist on how to help maintain and grow interest in thinking about bioethics.

JAMA Review of the book.

It is a great statement that this book exists and that it can be used to train people about the issues raised by movies such as Gattica and Million dolar baby.  But I must admit a certain amount of sadness that we need extra hooks to reach people.  There must been some kernel of interest onthe part of the public that caused the movies to be popular but unfortunately that is not enough.

Vitamin D Deficiency

Wow  a couple months ago my Dr. did a blood test to check on my arthritis medications; he found no problems with anything except he said I had a remarkable Vitamin D deficiency and I was put on a mega dose of Vitamin D supplement and then a maintenance dose.  Now it seems it is not at all unusual for us lazy Americans:

“ScienceDaily (Mar. 24, 2009) — Average blood levels of vitamin D appear to have decreased in the United States between 1994 and 2004, according to a new report.

Clinicians previously believed the major health problems associated with vitamin D deficiency were rickets in children and reduced bone mineral content in adults, conditions reduced by fortifying foods with vitamin D, according to background information in the article. More recently, insufficient vitamin D levels have been associated with cancer, heart disease, infection and suboptimal health overall. Evidence suggests that levels of 30 nanograms per milliliter to 40 nanograms per milliliter may be needed for optimum health

“Vitamin D supplementation appears to mitigate the incidence and adverse outcomes of these diseases and may reduce all-cause mortality,” the authors write. However, currently recommended levels of supplementation—200 international units per day from birth to age 50, 400 international units per day from age 51 to 70 and 600 international units per day for adults age 71 and older—focus primarily on improving bone health. In addition, decreases in outdoor physical activities and successful campaigns to reduce sun exposure may have contributed to vitamin D insufficiency, since sunlight exposure is a main determinant of vitamin D status in humans.”


Balaclava? Knitted helmet?

Whatever you want to call it, it is made to help keep you warm and even is long enough to tuck into your shirt.

I just started it but I have no idea how it will look.  I searched ravelry for a pic or better instructions but did not come up with anything.  I know I am knitting slower, but I am still knitting along.

No posts?

It seems that my recent posts have not appeared!  the most recent I can see is from October.  I will see if I can resurect some of the missing ones but out of Pure lazyness I may just continue from here.  All Files for the site are now updated.

Finally finished!!


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